Attempting to Become a Runner

I am not the athletic one in the family.  I am not the athletic one, period.  I even managed to not get a ribbon in one of the annual elementary school track meets in which I fully participated.  Oh wait, I did get a participation ribbon, which was presented to me under the auspice of being “under the weather” at our school-wide assembly that year.  How nice of my P.E. teacher.

I had moments when I wanted to be athletic, but then realized as I got older that we all have unique talents.  I am good at enough other things that I really can’t be mad at God for giving me no real athletic abilities.  And I also found watching sports to be more fun than participating in them.

I started running on and off about halfway through college when my roomie Amy inspired me to work out.  I wasn’t into the weights and stuff, but I loved the burst of adrenaline that cardio workouts provided.  My sporadic running and cardio workout phases have continued on and off during the past decade or so.

I never thought I’d run a road race, let alone the Bix 7.  But, as they say, never say never!  I watched the race – yes, people watch it like a parade! – in 2007 and knew right away I needed to try it.  Lots of people were walking, and I could at the very least walk seven miles.

It took me three years to finally do it.  I signed up last summer as a fast walker, waiting all by myself for the race to begin.  My sister and brother were way up front in the first class of runners.

Even though I was sore for a full three days after the race, I loved it.  Of course I could have avoided some of the pain had I actually trained for the race.  Since I had signed up to walk, I assumed no training was necessary.  When about the third old, old guy passed me, I decided to alternately run and walk.  Thus, the pain.

This year I am once again out of running shape, but I at least have run three of the four Bix at 6 races on Thursday nights.  The first one was very painful, as I did not work my way up to the seven miles prior to June 23rd.

Blisters on my heels from the June 23rd Bix at 6

While it’s tough to live up to the standards of my sister, brother-in-law, and brother when it comes to running, they are good sources of advice for things like avoiding blisters on my feet.  I learned Wright Socks do the trick.  I wore them at the next two Bix at 6 races, and the blisters are gone!

This morning my hamstrings hurt from the final Bix at 6.  I will miss the Thursday night races, and I must now rely on my own prioritizing and scheduling to ensure I keep up my training for the big day on July 30.

If you haven’t run a Bix 7 race, I encourage you to do so.  Not only is it a challenging course with lots of camaraderie amongst both runners and walkers, you get free beer and eats at the end of it.  And, for me, it keeps me running here and there.


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