Fridays with G and L

“Fridays with G” is now “Fridays with G and L”.  Depending upon how many kiddos my sister has, we could have an alphabet-like-acronym a la FDR within a few years.  😉

Speaking of history……

G and I watched the final Atlantis shuttle launch on TV this past Friday.  Pretty cool to share an historic moment with my nephew and niece.  When they are teenagers, and the space race has expanded to corporate entities and billionaires, I will say, “Back in 2011, we watched the final NASA shuttle launch on TV at your house together…”

G seemed pretty impressed with the whole thing.  Anything that makes noise and goes fast is intriguing to G.  I told G they were going way up in the sky to outer space.  The boy doesn’t know what space is now, but he will someday.

We actually made it a full day with no DVDs.  Usually I break down and put one in – either right before or after nap time.  Between the shuttle launch and Blake Shelton on the Today Show, we had plenty of filler entertainment for G.  While I am not a huge country fan, I will keep it on to foster G’s appreciation for live (ish) music.

Diaper changing the two kids went more smoothly this Friday.  This is partly because I gave G a little pep talk before each of L’s diaper changes, explaining that I was changing her now and he would get his own turn.  We’ll see if it works again next week.

Lucy was her usual pleasant self, and she and I took a nap together on the couch.  With her mass of black hair, she is super cuddly!

G’s craziest moment was post-nap, outside.  He had no boxes with packing peanuts to dump this time, but that’s OK.  G always finds something to do.

Like any two-year-old boy, G loves water, sand, mud, and trucks.  G’s yard is set up pretty well with a Little Tikes play house and slide, wading pool, and sandbox – complete with plenty of machinery, shovels, and buckets.  G alternates between putting everything in the pool or everything in the sandbox.  Last week it was the pool; this week it was sandbox time.

Fridays with G in Sandbox

Pretty soon G was slyly sneaking water into the sandbox to make his own “mud”.

And we must not forget to put buckets of sand in the kitchen, while washing the school bus and semi inside the play house.

Yes, that's Ryder in the picture! She must not be forgotten.

I have a hunch Lucy will have something to say about the play house decor in a year or two.  In the meantime though, she is content to sleep and let G do his thing.

And finally, my favorite pics of G and L from this past week, both taken “off the clock”.  I took the one of me and G in Kohl’s, and Sarah played beautician with Lucy in the second pic.

Aunt Mel and G at Kohl's

On that note, have a happy Thursday!


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