Not-So-Glamorous Spontaneity

A Sunday to myself.  Quiet bliss – after the 5:00 a.m. fire alarm, of course.  I dozed on and off to the Today Show.  I brewed some coffee and watched Meet the Press.  I did not venture across the street to church.  Bad girl, but I vowed to read some religious stuff before I went to bed that night (and I did).

Does anyone else put their bikini on under their clothes on a super hot day, even when water activities are not in the plans?  Yes?  Good.

I was in one of my organizing and cleaning moods and accumulated a pile for the Salvation Army.

Then I decided to go for a walk on my favorite trail along the Mississippi.  I needed to get outside and take a break from my mad cleaning.  I was hoping to find a gift or two in the East Village, about 1.7 miles down the trail.  Perfect.  A 3.5 mile walk would be great on a day when I didn’t feel like running but needed to keep up some activity so the next Bix at 6 wouldn’t be so painful.

I grabbed my shoes and purse and was on my way.  By the time I was about a half mile down the path, I realized I had no sunscreen on me or with me.  Disaster.  32 years of gingerhood, and I still forget.

And I was wearing normal glasses.  Sure, our Target Optical best lens on the planet has a UV filter, but it’s not nearly as good as sunglasses.  Fail #2: not practicing what I preach, as well as making myself more vulnerable to cataracts.  Wonderful.

Then my heels started hurting.  No Wright Socks on (which are amazing).  Welcome back, blisters!

I could find The Loop route and ride that the rest of the way to or from the East Village.  No cash or change in this purse, and I refuse to pay money to get my own money at a random ATM.  And why did I bring a full-on purse anyway?  I have pockets.

By the time I walked into Blue Sky Gifts, I was a sweaty mess.  Then I didn’t find anything I really wanted to buy.  That’s OK.  Now I can go to Lagomarcino’s for a sundae.  Lagomarcino’s: closed.

Famished and needing a drink, so I buy a pop from Rudy’s Tacos.  $2.89.  WTF?!  I can get a nice, big, spicy bloody mary at Boozie’s right now for a full 89 cents less than that.  Learning experiences are priceless, especially as I walk past a sno cone shop on my way back out of the village and toward home.

On the upside, I saw a ton of sailboats out on the Mississippi during my walk home.

And I completed a long walk on a day when it would have been easy to just veg.

Most importantly, I will learn from my spontaneous mistakes as I lather lotion on my sunburn.


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