Happy Birthday, Baby Sister!

July 11, 1985: The day I became the happiest big sister ever.

I had been an only child for six years, and I had been practicing baby holding, feeding, and diaper changing with my Cabbage Patch Kid Alisha Sue for months.

I stayed at Grandpa and Grandma Schulz’s house – back when they lived on the farm between Lawler and Fredericksburg – that day.  I immediately got to work and started drawing a picture, but I had to wait to hear if the baby was a boy or a girl and what the name was before I could complete it.

Then the phone finally rang.  My poor grandma had to focus on my stepdad’s voice while I jumped up and down asking, “Is it a girl?  Is it a girl?”  Grandma hung up the phone and told me I had a little sister, Sarah Lynn.

Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After my initial bout of jumping up and down, I completed my artwork.

Later that day, I held Sarah for the first time.

Melissa and Sarah Lynn

Happy Birthday, baby sister Sarah!


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