Fridays with G, and now Lucy too!

My sister went back to work on Friday, July 1.  I arrived in Bennett at 6:25 a.m., with Starbucks in hand.  I’ve babysat multiple children at once before, but never my niece and nephew for a 10-hour day.  I was super excited.  I tried to savor the silence before they both woke up, but I kept checking on Lucy to ensure she was still breathing.

G was the first to break the silence at around 7:15 a.m.  “Mommy, Mommy, Daddy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy….”  Lord, he was going to wake up his sister.  But Lucy slept through it.  I surprised G when I entered the room but still earned a grin out of him.  After the initial game of playing shy under his blanket, he was all business.  He pointed to the picture frame I gave to him for his birthday.  The little plastic frame includes four pictures from our adventures together, and he pointed straight to the picture of him in the cupcake shop.  “I want dat.”  Sorry G, not today.

When we went downstairs, G declared, “I want bye.” and pointed to Smurfette (my car outside).  I told G we were staying at his place today.  After he made an initial sad face, he was showing me his new toy semi truck.

G does pretty well with Lucy around, and Lucy is such a good baby.  However, we had a few crazy moments.

G thinks Lucy’s diaper change time is also his diaper change time.  But he doesn’t wait for his turn.  He prefers to rip his diaper off and run around while I am changing Lucy.  And it doesn’t matter if his bottom is dirty.  Thankfully he listens to most of what I tell him to do, so he does stand by Lucy’s changing table long enough for me to wipe him off.  And he went upstairs to get his diaper – just had a little bit of streaking time.  Good thing no one rang the doorbell, ha ha.

G also managed to pull a big box with packing peanuts from the outdoor recycling bin and then dumped it all over the yard.  And we had a small breeze.  No problem, Aunt Mel needed a project to do during nap time.  This happened to be on a day with a heat index of over 100, so I left just a few in the yard.  When G woke up from his nap, he was pleasantly surprised to see “bumballs” in the yard.  Then he made a game of smashing them and putting them in his wading pool.

Fridays with G & L
One of our quieter moments: snack time. G's bear had to join us too. And yes, I let him have chips for snack time. 😉

Meanwhile, Lucy spent the day eating, sleeping, and watching her brother’s craziness.  She is a pretty quiet baby, but I anticipate she will be chattier than G because she will demand some of the attention when she is old enough to hold her own.

Fridays with G & L

Our first day all together went well.  Glad to hear a Caribou Coffee is open at the I-80 truck stop now, because I may need a second coffee fix with two kiddos on Fridays.  🙂


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