Fridays with G: Happy Birthday!

G turned two years old on Saturday, June 18.  Since this coincided with the annual Costello Family Camp Out, we celebrated the following weekend.  We had a blast at Weed Park and the Muscatine Aquatic Center on Sunday.  The weather was great, picnic food was yummy, and G was his usual fun self.

G could barely contain his excitement when it was finally time to eat his birthday cake.  He stuck his finger in the frosting at least 10 times between the time Sarah took the cover off and then cut and served it.

G's Birthday Cake

But before that, he freaked out a bit when everyone was singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

The Happy Birthday Song

All was well once again when G dug into his cake.

Birthday Cake

Yes, that is Jeff’s Market cake – so good!

After opening some fabulous presents – Under Armour kicks, a semi, clothes, Starbucks cup (guess who gave him that?!), and lots of other stuff – we ventured off to the aquatic center.

Do you think G likes water slides?  🙂  And now, for my two favorites:

Watch out for that drop off, Momma Sarah!

Sister Lucy slept during the water slide fun.  I’m sure she will be chasing after G next summer.

We finished up the day at Culver’s, but G fell asleep in his carseat before we even exited Weed Park.

Where did the past two years go?  Before I know it, G will be having his high school graduation party.  That’s why I also took some quality video footage on Sunday.  Aunt Mel wants lots of good material to show off in a few years.


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