Fridays with G: Fun at VanderVeer Park

G and I had a short and shared time together last Friday.  We met at VanderVeer Park in Davenport, along with Sarah and Lucy.  The last time I remember walking around VanderVeer was during a family photo shoot back in September 2006.  And the time before that was for Sarah and Jeremiah’s wedding pictures in July 2006.  I drive past the park all of the time.

Like it is with many things, I continued to tell myself, “Tomorrow I will stop and check it out.”  And before you know it, several hundred tomorrows have passed.  Last Friday was that “tomorrow”.  Maybe I was meant to put this off until I had a niece and nephew, along with my sister, to share it with.

I beat the trio to the park so sat and read my two-month-old Time magazine for a few minutes.  (Reading old magazines cover to cover will be addressed in a separate post.)  As I walked up to the car, G was hiding his eyes behind his hands.  Must be a new game.  I helped him out of his car seat.  I keep wondering when he’s going to just bust out of that thing himself.  Probably on a day when I am watching him.

G immediately went to check out the pond.  Then he reached for the Wheat Thins his mom had packed.  G might like Wheat Things even more than I do.  It’s a toss up.  We sat down to eat a picnic lunch, and G was entertained by the super tame squirrel who refused bread but loved Wheat Thins.

Then it was off to the playground, where G semi-successfully flirted with a couple of girls.  They were both at least a year older than him.  G was super smooth, opting to go on the double side-by-side slides where he could chat with them more.

G seemed to enjoy the large fountain the most.

G at VanderVeer Park

During the loop back to the car, G walked very quietly toward the ducks chilling in the shade.  He pointed and giggled.  I smiled.  This was a great tomorrow.


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