Cold Call Love

Say the two words “cold calls”, and most people will shudder.  Rejection, head glued to a phone, monotony, hesitation.  Boring.  And the list goes on.

I love cold calls!  My first paid political job during college was full of cold calls.  I’d say it was 90% of my job during the first month.  I would barely hang up the phone before I dialed the next number on the list.  My task master nature was thriving.  I had tangible numbers at the end of each evening:  total calls made, number of identified supporters, prospects for county leadership, opposition supporters, and the rude chauvinists.

Now, over a decade later, I find myself calling again.  However, now I refer to it as warm calling.  Unless you are calling from a list of anyone and everyone, it really is warm calling.  I offer a service to prospects who probably need it.  At optical, these are past patients who are due to schedule an annual eye exam or may be interested in our new eye wear.  With my side business ventures, it is not quite as easy, but I enjoy the tougher challenge even more.

I find the most common barrier with cold calling is over thinking the process.  Too many people want to analyze the list, think about the script, and mull over anything just to avoid picking up the phone and making that first phone call.  And now with social networking and email, it becomes easier to justify not picking up the phone.  Online tools are great supplements but should not be a substitute for the old fashioned stuff.  Maybe a few years down the road, but not now.

Cold calling is simple yet requires sharp communication.  You can’t cover up a flub with an emoticon or a friendly smile.  It’s all about your voice and message and the faceless person on the other end being receptive.  I love that challenge.  Simple yet no room for error.

The personalized phone call is still effective, if you deliver the message correctly and don’t give up.  Here’s some Boiler Room inspiration:


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