Fridays with G: Wednesday Improv

33 days since my last post about G and our play date in the park.

40 days since my last full day with just G and me in Davenport.

We were long overdue when I met G, his mom, and his now one-month-old sister Lucy at Babies R Us last Wednesday.  I missed the little guy.  Sure, I’ve seen him here and there: at his house, at his grandparents’ house, out running errands.  But that’s not the same as spending one on one time together.

I had not been into the Babies R Us in quite some time, so all four of us shopped a bit before G and I departed in Smurfette.  G melted my heart with his Camaro enthusiasm:

G driving the Camaro

After exploring nearly every toy in the store, we said goodbye to Lucy and Mommy, and went on our way.

Lucy at Babies R Us

We swung by McManus (Rocket) Park in Bettendorf on the way to my place.  I was sure G would be climbing on everything.  However – partly due to the newness of it, and maybe partly due to the plethora of kids – G wanted to just run around, scope it out, and see how the kids played on the neat contraptions.  The park visit was pretty short, but G seemed happy.

Even though 40 days had passed, when G got out of the car in my apartment parking lot and walked down the street, his mission had not changed.  He beelined straight to the door into Cupcakes, Muffins and More.  G walked in like he owned the place and sat at his usual table.  Then I reminded him he needed to pick his treat.  He hopped down off his chair and trotted to the glass case, picking out a peanut butter cookie.  He didn’t try to open the case from the front like he had so many times before, so G must have remembered the attempt would be worthless as always.

G and Smoothie

Then we went up to my place to say hi to Jag.  G announced his arrival by promptly pulling Jag’s tail.  And Jag responded with his own hello.

We hit Mojo’s for lunch, and G was thrilled to see the lunch hour entertainment singing and playing the piano when we walked in.  He promptly pulled up a chair and sat like an angel for close to ten minutes, totally enthralled with the music.  I didn’t dare pull out the camera and chance that he would notice it and lose his focus.

G wouldn’t eat his grilled cheese because the waiter declared it hot when he brought it, and G needs more time than I do to let things cool down.  So we took it to go in a container with a paper bag as big as G.  Then he told everyone bye and headed to the side door.  He knew it was walking time.

G and I have taken a lot of walks, but never right along the river.  I had a playground destination in mind, sure that he would bore of the river after a few minutes.  I was wrong.  He loved it.  We saw ducks and other large birds (geese?).  A few fish even jumped out of the water to say hi!

Then G hopped up on a random bench and dug his grilled cheese out of the bag.  It was finally cool enough to eat.

G on the Mississippi

G didn’t eat the entire grilled cheese right away though.  We continued our walk to the band shell, and took the trail back to the skybridge.  G must have been practicing for the Junior Bix (he is registered, can’t wait!) because he sprinted most of the way back.

After the skybridge, we walked past Mojo’s again, and G located a table outside, climbed up on a chair, and finished his grilled cheese.  He flirted with a couple of 20-something girls who walked by.  And he proceeded to grunt at the trucks driving by.

G and Mojo's

And yes, G was wearing a Ford cap on Wednesday.  Even though I’m a Chevy girl, I respect his parents’ wishes and bought him the properly branded cap last year.

After the grilled cheese was gone, we walked the rest of the way back to my place for some Cars and play time.  Then we ended the day in Bennett with Mommy and Lucy.

I have learned that while I can plan a few general things to do during my days with G, nothing will ever happen entirely as planned.  I have to adjust as needed, and sometimes I adjust even though I wouldn’t have to adjust.  Example: visiting the cupcake shop mid-morning instead of later in the day.  But Aunt Mel is sometimes a pushover and likes her own sweets too.

And this reminds me that any day is open for a little improvisation.  We just have to be open to it.


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