Standing Still

On the evening my niece Lucy was born, I stood still. Yes, I was typing away on my netbook here and there, but I was very limited with what I could do. How can you focus on anything when a baby is under an oxygen hood and her parents are sitting by her side, aching to hold her?

While this was heartbreaking, it was also a good thing. The silver lining is that it was important enough to make a few of us stand still.

And how often do any of us stand still, truly stand still? I don’t even sit still while I am watching TV. Sometimes I stay still while reading a good book, but then I eventually fall asleep.

But that night with Lucy, I had to be still and wait. I watched the clock, counting down to the anticipated time of 9:00 p.m. when they hoped to have her weaned off the oxygen. I thought about the day Gabriel was born nearly two years prior, and how the waiting was tough then.

Now I think back to hospital visits to see grandparents, election nights, and waiting for electricity to come back on during a storm. Much different levels of importance, but they all made me stand still.

Even in church, I find my mind wandering.

I want to stand still more often. And I don’t want to only stand still in moments of crisis or anticipation.

On Saturday night, I stood still along the Mississippi.

Davenport Iowa Mississippi River

I noticed storm clouds on Sunday night, but I was multi-tasking with watching The Apprentice.

storm clouds over Davenport Iowa

And then Wednesday was my day off from optical. I’d usually attack my volunteer to do list, my home to do list, or my side businesses to do lists. But I was tired and decided to stand still that morning, dozing and watching Hoda and Kathie Lee.

By the time afternoon rolled around, I had to join the adult world. I attended a special Scott County Republicans meeting and swung by The Grape Life to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home. I was contemplating my selection when I decided to stay for a bit a have a Wine Flight (three small glasses of wine). I had not brought my iPhone in with me, so I enjoyed an hour and a half sans distracting devices. I chatted with a native Quad Citian who was back in town from his home in Napa. I stayed for the free 10 minute chair massage. I suppose I was standing still.

When I arrived home, I was once again back in my default get it done mode. Something always needs to be done. All the more reason to make the time to stand still once in a while.


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