Fridays with G: Silly Stuff

I love G’s sense of humor, mostly because he often does silly stuff naturally without even knowing it is funny.

G did a silly little sitting happy dance in his car seat when I met his Dad for the hand off on Friday morning.  I’d like to think it’s all because he can’t wait to hang out with me for a full day, but I know at least part of the happy dance is because he gets to sit sans car seat in my car for a few minutes while his dad installs the car seat in my car.  Then I bribe him into his car seat with some Gumby on the iPhone.

As I mentioned last week, G gets creative with toys and other random objects in my apartment.  He took it to a new level with this set up:

creative toddlers

At first I thought the wine corks were pillows, but the positioning with the panda didn’t look like the cork was intended as a pillow.  Maybe they partied and are hungover?  Who knows.  I had a good laugh.

G also likes to show off for the apartment staff by jumping down the hallway.  It’s his new motor skill.

The boy has also figured out how to make any picture silly (reminds me of his dad):

G at starbucks

And the grand finale of the day’s silliness was our 3D glasses photo at the IMAX:

imax fun

And yes, my hair is all messed up.  G decided to give me a new hair style while we were somewhat patiently waiting in line for 15 minutes.


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