Thank You, MO DOT!

My lucky streak with speeding has officially ended after 9 years and 10 months.  03.26.2011.  I-35 South.  Near Gallatin, MO.  Driving a cute little black Mazda 3 rental.  Going 83.  In a 70.  $117.  Thank you, patrolman Ott.

I couldn’t really be mad at the trooper.  My luck had run out.  I’ve been pulled over LOTS of times for speeding during the past near-decade and no tickets.  Just one or two warnings.

I tried to blame the Mazda.  I didn’t have cruise control and it was hilly.  But then he pointed out I wasn’t going downhill the entire way.  Oops.

I’ve never cried or done anything extreme to get out of tickets before, but somehow I escaped without one.  I played it cool again this time, but with a different result.  Maybe his ex-wife was a redhead.  Maybe he was trying to fill his quota for the month.  Or maybe I simply deserved the ticket.

speeding ticket in missouri
The patrolman was nice enough to give me a directory of fines along with my speeding ticket. 🙂

I really can’t be mad at anyone but myself.  It was 100% preventable.  And receiving a ticket made me realize just how long I went without one.  I definitely beat the odds.  I just hope it’s another 10 years before my next one.  In the meantime, I’ll be a bit more humble and try to slow it down.


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