Yesterday’s Roller Coaster

Yesterday was a gloomy day when I woke up and looked out the window at the gray sky.  But then Jag licked my face and trotted out of bed ahead of me, and I smiled.

I was super tired from staying late at optical for inventory prep the night before.  But then I had a 24 oz. honey vanilla latte from Coffee Hound.  All was in equilibrium again.

As I drove to my church lady job, I thought about the funeral to be held at the church at Noon.  But then my best friend Jen called and we talked about happy things, like her new career move and our adventures in Miami and Chicago.

I began proofreading the funeral bulletin before printing it.  But then I found out Donald Trump (on my short list of people to meet someday) is coming to Iowa in June.

I went back to finalizing the funeral bulletin and began printing it, pondering the images of sad families whose funerals I have witnessed before today.  But then I exchanged emails with my sister, discussing my nephew and the arrival of the new baby in May.

The family walked in.  I felt the hurt in their hearts and my eyes began to water.  But then the funeral and burial were over, and the family shared happy memories over lunch in the church fellowship hall.

I was once again tired at 2:00 p.m. when I left the church for the day, and I wanted to take a nap.  But then I arrived at optical and the time flew by.

I was missing my friend Jen.  But then when I looked at my schedule for the upcoming weekend, I found I have time to make a trip to Kansas City to see her and catch up in person.

The wind was cold on the way home.  But then I cooked some spaghetti and opened a bottle of wine.

I knew I had to go through the monotony of working for the man again today.  But then I was back where I started the day, in my bed with Jag curled up by my side.  And I looked out at the pretty city lights.  Ending the day at the top is always a good thing.


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