Fridays with G: Flashback to September 2010

Since I worked at Target Optical this past Friday, I did not get to babysit my favorite little man, G.  I saw him briefly on Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day, proudly sporting his green tuxedo t-shirt.  He was disappointed I left Durant without him and thus refused to say bye to me.  Already a heart breaker!

This edition of Fridays with G is a flashback to last fall when I took G to his first political rally.

I gave G a pep talk about what we were going to do.  We’d be going to a political rally and Congressional candidate Ben Lange, as well as Lieutenant Governor candidate Kim Reynolds, would be there.  He probably wouldn’t find too much entertaining, but we would make it fun, do lots of clapping, and go out for dinner afterwards.

Little Republican
Looking up at Trumper, the giant elephant

I decked G out in his “Future Republican” t-shirt that I had bought for him when I was at the Georgia state GOP convention about a month before he was born.  The smallest t-shirt they had for sale had been a 2T, and G was finally big enough for it.

The first thing G noticed when we got out of the car was a big giant elephant parked outside of the Starlite Ballroom.  I was unable to get a photo of G and Trumper together – thought it was an amazing feat just to catch him standing still to take one solo photo.

G behaved pretty well.  He preferred to go outside to check on Trumper and play in the gazebo.  So, we spent the majority of the time outside of the main rally area.  That’s OK though.  I was just happy that G was finding something entertaining about a campaign rally.  I can’t wait to introduce him to presidential candidates!

poltical rallypolitical rally

political rallypolitical rally

political rally



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