Fridays with G: Exploring the City

During our day together this past Friday, Gabriel and I explored downtown Davenport.  We met early in the morning in foggy Long Grove and made our first stop at Cupcakes Muffins and More in downtown Davenport.  I let G pick out whatever he wanted, and he went for the carrot bar with cream cheese frosting, probably because it had a bright orange frosting carrot on top.

Cupcakes Muffins and More

Then we hung out at my apartment, where G proceeded to taunt my cat Jag.  He also enjoyed peering out the sixth floor windows and adding sound effects to any vehicle driving by.

Davenport Public LibraryNext stop was the Davenport Public Library.  The first thing he noticed was the stairs.  Then we headed over to the kids area where he managed to make quiet toys noisy with his motor boat sound effects.  We also played with Clifford the big red dog.

We had to pause for a while when walking across the street from the library back to my apartment, because two guys were maneuvering a crane.  G can’t miss anything when it involves manly noises or large equipment.

Mojo's Davenport
Soaking in the live music at Mojo's!


I’ve been excited to take G to lunch at Mojo’s ever since I moved into my downtown apartment.  The boy loves live music, and as a concert fanatic, I want to encourage this interest as much as possible.  I didn’t catch the musician’s name, but he played rock/blues stuff and was great on the guitar.  Gabriel slurped on his lemonade and was glued to the guitarist’s every move.

After lunch, we burned a few calories by walking to the skybridge.  G grunted all the way there, out of sheer delight and also walking/running as fast as he could go.  He managed to tote his leftover kids’ meal box with him the entire time!

Riding the elevator to the top of the skybridge
Probably pointing at trucks
One thing is for sure: This kiddo tires me out!  He literally ran down the length of most of the skybridge, stopping only to wait for Aunt Mel to catch up.
Skybridge Running
Come on, Aunt Mel!

Nap TimeOne would think G would be ready for a nap after all of this, but no.  He fought it every step of the way.  And, as it is with most things concerning G and Aunt Mel, the aunt gives in eventually.  😉

Since it was so nice outside, we then drove up to Vander Veer Park.

G didn’t make it to the park though.  He fell asleep before we made it up Brady Street hill.  Aunt Mel chuckled, rolled the windows down and immersed herself in a good book.

Reading and Sleeping at Vander Veer Park


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