Chop, Chop! (Channeling my inner Emma Watson)

I walked into Salon Luce yesterday knowing I would walk out a completely new woman.  I was taking a chance on a brand new hairstylist, but I knew karma was on my side when I found out her name was Amanda – the same name of a rock star hairstylist I had in Des Moines for a decade.  And then when they offered me complimentary wine, I KNEW I had the right place.

My mission and hers:  to transform my blah hair into a sassy pixie cut.

long hair
Before: Back
long hair
Before: Front













I have talked to a lot of people about one’s choice to cut or not to cut long hair.  Some people – especially girls – are very attached to their hair length and the image that goes along with it.  I was making a big change, but at the end of the day, it is only hair.  It will grow back eventually if I want to do something different with it.

I mentioned this to Amanda, and she agreed.  She was excited to do a drastic chop, and I was happy to add a little bit of excitement to her day.

I warned Amanda that I would want to take a few photos for my blog.  She was happy to help.

So, we took the two before photos.  Then Amanda asked if I wanted to donate my hair, because there was enough to donate.  That made me even more excited!


hair to charity











The reaction from bystanders was entertaining when we chopped the ponytail, but it became even more fun to see their faces when they realized we were going further than that.

The end result is absolutely fabulous.  The new haircut has added some more spring to my step.  Thanks, Amanda!

pixie cut front
After: Front
pixie cut back
After: Back

5 thoughts on “Chop, Chop! (Channeling my inner Emma Watson)

  1. OMG-it looks amazing!! I’m with you on the “it’s hair, it’ll grow back out” not many people can believe that about me! Miss you tons ~a

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