Trump for President?

I’m breaking one of my rules and touching on a political subject.  I figure enough political blogs cover most of the partisan issues already.  However, this isn’t a partisan issue.

I heard Donald Trump on Rush while driving from Durant to Davenport on Tuesday afternoon.  I usually agree with maybe 50% of what Rush says, but I find him to be interesting and figure I come out ahead even if I only pick up one snippet of information I didn’t know before listening.  And I am not a religious listener.  I listen when convenient.

Trump’s take on the issues was refreshing, and not only because of his specific positions.  It’s refreshing to see a citizen get riled up enough to consider running for office.  It reminded me of when I sat in on a meeting with Congressman Bobby Schilling before he officially threw his hat into the ring.  Isn’t that what our founding fathers intended?  Citizen legislators.  Go serve for a couple of years and then go back to your home, day job, and life.

Too many politicians have become career politicians.  Some who have been in office for a long time aren’t necessarily bad people because they have served for many years.  But why don’t they step aside and let someone with fresh ideas have a shot?

With the lack of civility in politics these days, it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to run for dog catcher.  Maybe some of the career politicians are getting bored and now need to pick on each other for entertainment.

I welcome Trump to the presidential race, and I sincerely hope he runs.


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