Julie and Julia: More Than Cooking

I finally watched Julie & Julia on Saturday night, and I loved this movie.  The cooking was good and made me hungry, but that’s as far as the cooking went.  It was all the other stuff that I really sunk my teeth into.

I’m OK with cooking, and I’m a pretty good cook.  But I don’t love to cook.  I can take it or leave it most days.  Whereas Julie and Julia utilized cooking as a hobby and a release from the stress of everyday life, I view cooking as one more item on the to do list.  I relax by reading, listening to music, or organizing/cleaning things.

My largest take away from the movie was watching Julie and Julia both pursue their dreams.  In some ways, they fell into their dreams, but once they realized their opportunities, they grabbed a hold and pressed forward.

And they didn’t have it easy.  They each encountered obstacles and doubt along the way – both in regards to their dreams, as well as other things in their personal lives.  Julia Child shows sadness with not bearing any children, and Julie is part of a social circle in which she seems the least outwardly accomplished (i.e. the only one at lunch not clinging to her Blackberry).

They each had a core group of supporters who held them up, even when the wider circle of fair-weather friends had doubts.  My personal cheerleaders – Jo, Lexi, Jen, Amy, Sarah, and others – have no idea how much they help me through the tough days.

I also appreciated the orange cat and blogging.  The art of blogging is not always easy, and we rarely know who, if anyone, is actually reading our blogs.  While Julie had a specific cooking project she blogged about, I am still mostly all over the map.  I’m slowly finding my voice, what works, and what does not work.  I just try to be real and not too self absorbed.  And most importantly, I’m trying to really enjoy the journey.


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