Dream On

So, I’ve been having odd dreams lately – more so than usual.  Now according to my mother this would mean one of two things:

1.  I am over tired.

2.  I need to learn how to relax.

I’d say it’s a little bit of both, with a dose of paranoia, restlessness, self-evaluation, and the aligning of the stars thrown in.

Last night, my dreams were especially interesting – to me, at least.  I fell asleep between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m.  Very odd to begin with, but I know it had something to do with no coffee yesterday.  The horror.  And I also had a great wine tasting excursion at Wine-Nutz in Muscatine.  Turns out the wine settles my mind enough to fall asleep, but not to stop thinking.

The first random act of Sunday evening’s dream was chopping off my hair and actually loving it.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, so it’s not very surprising.  But it may signal a need for a drastic change of some sort.  I don’t have a boyfriend to break up with, and I don’t have a fortune to spend on a nice month-long excursion, so maybe the haircut is the compromise.  No appointment scheduled yet.

Then I was going back to work at the Southridge (Des Moines) Vanity store with Lexi.  We last worked together there in 2001.  And Lexi was laid off from this company about a year ago.  If I hit her departure anniversary with this dream, that will be too weird.  I might need to consult a shrink then.  Also, the Southridge store has been closed down for a while.  But wouldn’t you know, in our dream it was reopening.  And we weren’t running the store like we used to.  We were part time help and doing it for fun.

And the really weird part: I had a tough time walking from one side of the mall to the other to get there.  I kept falling down without enough strength in my legs to get back up again.  And I was wearing a hideous outfit with fishnet tights.

Then I was back in my current day-to-day routines of part time church lady work, optical work, and my Mel’s Cards and Red Goose Solutions ventures.  But everything was going wrong.  And I was on the verge of a huge, gut-wrenching scream when I woke up.

I’ve written about my personal evolution of late, and that obviously still plays out in my dreams.  I thought I had reached the peak for a while, but it seems I am still climbing upward.  I have to be close to reaching that peak….so close.

In the meantime, my night time dreams will be good material for others’ humor and analysis.  While I will think about those dreams, I will try to focus on my wide awake dreams and make them my reality.

And yes, I very much intended to name this post after one of my favorite Aerosmith songs, so here you go:


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