Have a Little Faith

Yesterday seemed to be one of those days when all of my plans were flushed down the toilet.  

My church lady duties were all mangled up for the week.  Yet another funeral to complete bulletins for the day prior, random unexpected requests, you name it.  All in the day of a secretary, I suppose.  But with the annual meeting tasks piling up and the deadline quickly approaching, these hiccups were extra frustrating this week.

I am a woman of action, a woman of lists and getting things done.  I can be busier that a bee and will remain happy until I reach the point when things don’t get checked off my list.  Then watch out.

I was planning to go to a game night at friend Lexi’s house last night and had my Yellow Tail Shiraz and Scattergories all ready to go.  After receiving a call from a sick co-worker at Optical, I cancelled on game night and put on my red and khaki when the church lady duties were done (or done enough) for the day.

My two hours of down time in which I was going to cram in some Mel’s Cards, Red Goose Solutions, and Scott County Republican Women duties had vanished.  Sure, I still had Friday, but that’s my Gabriel day.  And I wouldn’t give that up for anything.  I often have an hour or so of nap time to do things, but by that point I want to nap too.

Then, as often happens, a phone conversation with my sister made me realize what was really happening.  I’m pretty sure she has no idea that our conversation helped me reach an inner peace – until she reads this.

I was calling to touch base about my babysitting start time while driving home from Optical last night.  When I asked her what time to be at her house, she paused, and then said, “Didn’t Jeremiah call you?”  Uh oh.  I got my brother in law in trouble.  I tried to cover it up with a “he-and-I-are-night-owls-and-the-night-is-young-enough-to-still-get-things-done” excuse, but she was still irritated.  He found out he had Friday off, so I didn’t need to babysit.

I was sad at first, but then I realized this would be the perfect opportunity to get all of my tasks completed by the end of this week.  And then I thought about all of the curves in the road earlier in the week.  They all worked out for the best too.

I was really looking forward to working at Target Optical on Monday night, but the weather interfered with my plans, as the doctor decided to stay home.  I was bummed because I had been off for over a week, with going to visit my grandma in the hospital and having taken off for an IFRW state meeting that never happened.  But then, even though it was a last minute addition, I had the opportunity to pick up extra hours last night.  And being a chance to help out a co-worker, it made sense to work.

My church tasks didn’t all get done, but changes arose in a couple of items that would have been even more frustrating had I already done all of the work.

Some church lady unwinding remedies:

My businesses were constantly placed on the back burner during everything else, but now I had a full day to focus on them.

I am a fairly religious person, but I don’t wear it on my sleeve.  I sometimes say a few silent prayers throughout the day to ask God to keep me grounded and give me perspective.  I also ask him for lots of things – and try to thank him for what I am blessed with.

Faith is a great thing.  Have a little bit of it, keep an open mind, and you’ll be surprised what happens.  Answers often do not come in the packages we expect, so we have to watch for them carefully.

Whatever your faith is in, hang onto it and be optimistic.  It usually works out, provided you take the steps necessary to accommodate change.

While this inner peace was all fine and dandy, I still wanted to see my nephew Gabriel on Friday.  When I hung up the phone at the end of my sister’s call, I had a text message from my brother in law.  Could I watch Gabriel from 3:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. on Friday?  Yes, I will!

Time to crack open the Yellow Tail Shiraz and watch some 30 Rock.


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