My Very Own Indie

Anyone who knows me even a little knows I love to organize. I sometimes wish I could leave the clutter and spend time doing other things. I have done this for a few hours or a couple of days, but ultimately I cave in, drop everything else, and start putting the mess back in order.

I realized when beginning my part time church lady job that I love, love, LOVE to make over offices. The messier, the better. I did this at Stepping Stones Learning Center, Victory Enterprises, Target, and home. I commented on this on Facebook and within a day had a deal to organize a long-lost friend’s home office. How cool!

But it sort of stopped there. I love dreaming up ways to reorganize messes I see here and there. Then I realize they are none of my business. And then I go back to dreaming.

Why not make them my business?

So, as in the words of my BFF Jen, “Here we go!” I’m putting out an all call for anyone wanting to hire me to organize their office, kitchen, you-name-it-as-long-as-it-is-indoors. I have to specialize, and in this climate, I’ll stick to the indoors.

I will also provide top notch resume writing and event planning services. It’s all about finding solutions for those things we need to do but find it easy to continually not do. Mel’s Cards was just the first step.

I love fun organizing contraptions, planners, calendars, checklists, and deadlines. But more than that, I love helping people. My company’s mission is simple: to bring a little bit of order into your crazy day to day life.

I will assess your situation and implement a simple, yet thoughtful, action plan. I excel when placed into chaos, so the messier, the tighter the deadline, the more complicated, the better.

This is a very organic business launch. I’m calling it my very own indie film of sorts. It’s only fitting this year, as the Oscars fall on my birthdate. The logo, Facebook page, website, and all of those details will be developed in the days ahead. I am bucking my natural tendencies to over plan on this quasi-launch. I am so inspired to pursue this endeavor that I can’t wait a minute longer to get started.

I do have a name though, thanks mostly to my brother-in-law Jeremiah. While the thought of organizing things makes him sick to his stomach, he is good with names. He calls his large forehead a fivehead, which I find hilarious.

And part of the credit goes to my dad who blessed me with my last name, and friends along the way who have called me nicknames that are pretty classic.

RED is an obvious component. I was born to be red, after all.

And while I’m not a huge bird fan, I love Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” tune. I also like Grey Goose, as it’s smooth and headache free. While I don’t envision myself in a Bjork-like ensemble to promote the new biz, I can integrate it into a logo somehow.  The definition of this word as a verb is defined as “to strengthen or improve”.  Word #2 is GOOSE.

The red-breasted goose is a rare bird, as am I. The bird is also on the endangered species list, while rumor has it that my ginger genes will recede into history within 100 years.

And, as Donald Trump says on The Apprentice, “Give me a solution.” Yes, sir. SOLUTIONS are a must. We can all identify problems, but the tough job is to find and implement the solution. That is where I come in.

Red Goose Solutions, Inc.

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