2011: New Year and New Goals

New Year’s resolutions – so interesting.  Even Lindsay Lohan tweeted about her proposed fresh start in 2011.

I stayed in this New Year’s Eve, worked on some projects at home, and had a lot of time to think about 2010.  There’s nothing like picking up Christmas tree needles in your living room for an hour to really give you quality thinking time.  I assessed what went well and what did not and thought about where I want to be at the end of 2011.

Working back from December 31, 2011, I came up with several resolutions that will put me on the path toward my 2011 goals:

1. Spend less money on random, needless things.  I will still allow myself to have a Starbucks every couple of days – no need to get extreme here.

napa valley2. Become better at saving money to allow me to experience more things: more trips to see friends, more concerts, work at a Napa winery.

3. Spend more time around beaches and palm trees.

4. Eat healthier and exercise more so I look good in my bikini while doing #3.

5. Rock the SendOutCards business.  Even when other things in life take hold, make some time to focus on my business.

6. Continue to seek out positive people while eliminating unnecessary contact with those who are negative and drag me down.

7. Enjoy the journey!

New Year’s resolutions snowball from one thing into another and can become overwhelming, as my list above illustrates.  Rather than give up on my list completely, I am going to tackle it in pieces.

My first task is to utilize my slight OCD and Type A skills to create a financial spreadsheet for 2011 and track all expenditures.  Then I will continue my Dream List of items I want to spend any extra money on.

Regarding the beaches and palm trees, I’m keeping that one open to pursuing opportunities that may arise or have already presented themselves.  Yes, this one is vague for a reason…..more to come.

The eating healthy and exercising more item is a pretty typical New Year’s resolution.  I’m not hitting this item really hard – just going to take baby steps on it here and there.

Some of my SOC creations

I love working with SendOutCards and have made great progress with it during the past three months.  However, I can always be doing more, and I must constantly remind myself to keep the momentum going.

Just when I think I have eliminated negativity from my life, someone will sneak in with it when I least expect it.  Whether it’s a snide comment from my brother, or an acquaintance looking at me in disbelief when I tell him/her about leaving a high paying job to pursue new things, I don’t need to give either one the time of day.  Of course I love my brother, but I am allowed to set boundaries with him.  Same goes for people who don’t say anything, but instead show me the lack of support by what goes unsaid.  I will simply move along and prove them wrong as I become happier and more successful.  Those who don’t get it now may eventually understand, and some will never understand because they refuse to accept another viewpoint.  As one of my friends often says, “So be it.”

The most important thing is to enjoy the journey.  Too often I get so wrapped up in tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.  And then I forget that most of the fun lies within the present.  I never know when my last day is coming.  Goals and resolutions are good, but working toward them today is even better.

I’ve never shared my New Year’s resolutions like this, so I am hoping it creates more accountability for my actions.  Committing to the action steps along the way can seem daunting without support from others.  It’s time to quit worrying about jinxing my dreams, and instead be open about them and enlist others’ encouragement.

And I am always here to encourage you too!


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