Is this the North Pole? No, It’s Iowa!

It’s definitely cold outside – in the negatives this evening.  It must be winter, and it must be Iowa.  Based on small talk these days though, you’d think these low temps and snow were something new and we lived further south.

Iowans like to talk about the weather.  It’s an ice breaker, small talk, stuff to fill the awkward pauses.  I’m pretty sure I get that and can accept it.

But why all of the complaining about the weather?  It’s December, and it’s Iowa: not Texas, not California, not Hawaii, not the South American jungle.  Iowa.  I-O-W-A.  Even in October we could have expected this.

I don’t love this bitter, extreme, cold weather, and I don’t expect others to love it either.  In fact, I used to grumble every winter too.  I just ask that we all tolerate it because it’s part of Iowa.  And guess what?  We CHOOSE to live here.  So suck it up, kiddos.

I will allow one mildly negative comment when it’s below zero for a week straight.  Or when it’s April and snowing. Otherwise, let’s look at the glass half full.  Winter is the perfect time to stay in and be lazy, eat a little more, drink extra coffee (!), snuggle up to those we love, snowmobile, and build snowmen.

While I’m not always a ray of sunshine, I do try to take a deep breath and look at my alternatives: live in cold and be close to my adorable nephew, or live on a beach and rarely see my nephew.  Hmmm.  For now, I’ll deal with the cold.  In a few years, Gabriel will be old enough to visit me on the beach…..and fetch me a cocktail.


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