Find and Flaunt Your Fabulousness!

Whenever I hear the word fabulous, I think of Carrie Bradshaw or Samantha Jones strutting down a Manhattan sidewalk in Sex & the City.


You don’t need to live in Manhattan and wear designer clothes to be fabulous.  We each are fabulous in our own way.  Fabulousness equals self confidence, class, and yes, style.

Find your strengths and use them, be proud of them, and advertise them!  Your strengths are a gift and are meant to be shared with others.  Instead of just telling people about my strengths, I like to show them and surprise them.  Hopefully you are able to use your strengths often enough that you naturally advertise them without even trying.  If you are unable to do that, think about how you can position yourself to do it sooner rather than later.  I love networking and think I am pretty good at it.  I now have the opportunity to do that often.  I no longer just talk about it; I practice what I preach.

Embrace your uniqueness while surrounding yourself with positive people who share various common interests.  I have Twitter friends, political friends, retail friends, business owner friends, the old bestest friends, and more.  Every group, and each person within the group, adds a new piece of diversity to my life.

Being fabulous also means having the confidence to accept your weaknesses, as long as your weaknesses do not hurt other people and are a natural part of your being.  I am not athletic and embrace that.  I will be the first to tell people looking to find another softball team member that I was a cheerleader in high school, and there’s a reason for that. In addition, I am not very photogenic, but I have learned to embrace the quirky photos.  Anyone can look awesome in the camera, but I am the cool one with the memorable pose…ha ha.

Being classy is a vital part of fabulousness.  In this case, class is not about your place in society, but rather how you handle and portray yourself.  Be sincere and thoughtful.  Follow the Golden Rule.  It is easy to put others down to elevate yourself.  It is tougher to take the high road – without being snooty – and let go of your anger in a positive way.  Take a few deep breaths, sleep on it if necessary, and look at the big picture.  In the large scope of your week, month, or year, how big of a deal is this situation and person?  And my favorite way to cope with restraining myself from diving in the gutter:  karma.  Nine times out of ten, those people who are classless get what is coming to them.  It sometimes takes longer than we want, but it will happen.

Style, while third on the list, is essential to be fabulous.  Whether you like it or not, people judge you based on your outward appearance.  This does not require us all to wear the same neutral-colored Banana Republic clothes or to dress like the ladies on Sex & the City.

We each need to find those things that reflect our sense of personal style and are appropriate for our surroundings.  It can be a delicate balance to maintain at times.  As a political staffer in my 20s, at an age when I liked to experiment with fun clothes, I had to limit my flare when traveling to rural counties and speaking to crowds of mostly 40-somethings and older.  But I did throw in some flare.  When I worked at Target, I was limited to the colors red and khaki.  Then I sought out red shirts with flare and accessorized with fun jewelry.

It seems too many people equate fabulousness with the money one spends on clothing, going out on the town, and just about anything else.  As I mentioned previously, fabulousness is partially confidence.  That includes confidence with your finances and doing what you are able – not what you think you need to do to keep up with everyone else.  While striving to do better financially, follow the Golden Rule, enjoy the steps along the way, and count your blessings.

Remember, you determine your fabulousness – find it and flaunt it.  I’m doing it today in my sweat pants.


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