Lessons from Gabriel


Go for what you want!
Stick both hands in the candy jar!


I adore my one and only nephew Gabriel.  He is so much fun.  I never understood the whole talking-about-babies-like-we’re-crazy thing until my sister had a baby on June 18, 2009.  That’s the day everything changed for me.  And my life is so much better for it.  Aunt/Godmother is the title I am most proud of to date.

Gabriel has taught me a lot, and he can teach us all a lot.  Let’s call this one “Lessons from Gabriel”:

1.  Don’t be shy.  Just go up to someone, smile, and say hi.  Never mind personal space.  Get as close as you can.  If they ignore you, move along to the next person.

2.  Enjoy the little things:  grass in sidewalk cracks, flowers, sticks, animals, trains, and tractors.

3.  Show people what you want if they do not understand what you are saying.  Preferred methods are pushing, pulling, or picking up their feet for them to get them moving.

4.  Enjoy cake, cookies, and ice cream.  They are so yummy!

5.  Eat lots of fruit.

6.  Play outside as often as possible.  Find every puddle and splash around.  Also, find every piece of dirt and get it all over yourself.  Have fun!

7.  Things are just things.  So what if they break or get a little dirty?  Mom’s laptop and cell phone are no exceptions.

8.  Trust those you love completely.  They will always catch you.

9.  Be courageous and step off that ledge.  Don’t be afraid.  Just do it.

10.  Stick both hands in the candy jar!  Go for what you want!

“Listen to the mustn’ts, child.  Listen to the don’ts.  Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts.  Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child.  Anything can be.”  – Shel Silverstein


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